Mikolaj was born in 1989, in Warsaw, Poland. He won his first photography contest and had his first works published at the age of 15, and that’s how his career in photography begun.

Having concluded his studies at the renowned National Film School in Łódź, he joined a major advertising agency, where he assisted top-tier photographers and learned that the mastery of light and attention to detail are the key aspects of great photography.

At 23 Mikolaj relocated to Asia to learn about other cultures, taste other cuisines, and first and foremost—explore new forms of photography. What followed was a successful career in commercially photography of luxury properties in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, the Middle East, and Europe. 

In 2018 Mikolaj returned to Europe to go back to his cultural roots and re-focus on art photography. Having travelled across Europe and visited Croatia, Greece, Italy, France, and Spain, he decided to settle down on the edge of the continent—on Portugal’s picturesque shores. He currently shares his time between Europe and Asia and his preferred locations of coastal Portugal, Costa del Sol in Spain, and the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.